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Job Description

Reporting to managing Director

Provide a clean environment that meals will be prepared in
To order appropriate stocks for the preparation of a lunch and tea menu
To agree with the nursery manager/director on the menu content
To provide a hazard analysis and risk assessment process that eliminates risks of food poisoning, allergy reactions and poor diet choices
To work in co-ordination with the nursery team but to maintain overall management of the kitchen processes.
To maintain a menu which has the highest nutritional value
To stay within the budget provided by head office.
To inform Head Office of faulty equipment and the need for additional equipment
To provide as much fresh and locally sourced produce as possible and avoid cheaper pre-prepared, dried or processed substitutes
How this will be achieved?
Cleaning rotas set up and correct colour coded equipment and clothes used for various tasks. Cleaning and sanitising products used to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Cleaning routines to be carried out every day.

Food products to be stocked up sufficiently to cater for the current numbers of children and to be able to provide what is on the menu. Stocks rotated to be keep within date. Storage cupboards regularly tidied and re-organised.

Based on research for the needs of young children in their diet and the types of meal that work with young children work out a three week rotating summer and winter menu. Meet with director and nursery manager to change and update accordingly.

Undertake hazard analysis in line with environmental health requirements. Risk assess any high risk foods available on the menu. Keep clear records so that the director, Ofsted or environmental health can follow an audit trail.

Be aware that nursery staff may need to use the kitchen but remain professional and do not allow the staff to interrupt work schedules or discuss nursery business in the kitchen. Also do not allow them to impact on the hygiene levels in the kitchen.

Keep a list of equipment that needs replacing or new equipment required. Discard dangerous or faulty equipment right away if this poses a risk. Plan ahead with the budget regarding new purchases to be made.

Keep a list of suppliers

How to Apply

HR Co-ordinator
Pippa Edwards

01752 276224

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